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Wedding Day Coordination

Need help planning your wedding?

Your ideal vendor matches

Let us help you book your team of pros with our list of recommended vendors for your area.

We help bring the pieces together for a successful event.

At K.E we assist in finding Decorators, bakers, DJ's, photographers, videographers transportation and more.

Ketchup Enterprise requires our staff to get to know our clients. It is our responsibility to be able to recognize the important aspects of your event. To know you is just as crucial as learning about your special day. We will learn about your tastes, your style, and some of your favorites, which is why Our first consultation is free. We offer advice, opinions, securing vendors and we'll help organize a timeline that’s printed and handed to vendors. If your interested in booking us please email us at in the mean time please fill out the questionnaire below so we can gain a little more information on some important aspects of your event.

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